Friday, 16 November 2007

No sex, No supper ...

Twenty five years ago the cry was ...
"No sex, no supper, just tupper, tupper, tupper" ... yes, I was a Tupperware demonstrator!
Never were the colours as bright, the uses as many! The lifetime guarantee still stands. From now chock-a-block cupboard of unused Tupperware doesn't fall out each time I open the door, it's been reborn, the broken seals (not lids please) have been replaced ... the realisation of just how darn good the stuff is compared to that other rubbish you buy as containers from twenty five years ago still do the job ... I'm Tupperised again ... and Tupperwaving!
... AND ... ask me if you need the number of a great demonstrator or if you need replacements! But watch out ... she'll attempt to lure you into holding a party or to return to the fold ... fat chance!


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