Tuesday, 13 November 2007

YUMI'S Dips - Gluten Free and Dairy Free and Kosher too ...

Life is complete! I've discovered the ultimate treat - Gluten free AND Dairy free and Kosher as well - especially coming up to the festive season where now it 's BYO dip!
Yumi, pronounced Yooomi, the creator of these and other delicasies is a genuis!
I saw TUNA with Caramelised Onion, Tuna with Tomato & something (no nightshades for me) and the delectable Tuna with Cracked Black Pepper & Lemon!
If their not in your local store then contact ~~~
Yumi's Fresh Quality Food 6 - 8 Arnold St, Cheltenham, Victoria 3192 Ph: 03-9585-6444.
Pass the rice crakers please ...


Mama P said...

My son is gluten free, so this is exciting to say the least! Well, he himself is not called Gluten Free. He practices gluten free. And by practices, I mean he eats what his mom wants to serve his 4 year old little self. (And living in California, I can guarantee that someone, somewhere near L.A., has named their child Gluten. I've heard it all!)

Found you through Liza's Eyeview and clicked on your profile due to your shirt. LOL! Love it.

Redness said...

Thanks mama for stopping by! I'm onto my fourth tub of that dip and waiting for news of that Gluten child ... only in America ;~)

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