Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Manic Monday on Tuesday ...

You find that your best friend has stolen money to pay for medical treatment for a seriously ill relative. What would you do?

I'd immediately call the police ... in reality I'd never have a best friend that would steal ... if per chance I had that kind of money no 'best friend' would have access to it. I'm too old and too wise for that caper ... never mess with a redhead ;)

What three things do you regret not learning to do?

I only have one tiny, weeny regret in my life (that doesn't apply here) I've no other regrets. I don't dwell on the past what's done is done. If I wanted to learn something that bad I'd go and do it then get on with life, stop angsting and wasting valuable time ... well that is if I was the regretting kind!


Gabriel said...

Very good post today. Your first answer sounds very honest.

Happy MM!

My post: Manic Monday #07

Iwi Jacinto said...

I like your answer in Q2 :) better leave the past behind, you've learned a lot from mistakes right?

Laane said...

Well, I think it's alwasy fun to have some dreams and try to realise them.

You can find my answers ::here::

Have a great week!

Just Jen said...

hehe...I don't have any friends that could pull off a theft that size...I don't anyone that could steal a chocolate bar come to think of it....lol

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