Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Fully Sick Rapper via Pottymouthmama

On Monday the ever eloquent Potty Mouth MaMa posted about ...
The Fully Sick Rapper Aka Christiaan Van Vuuren...
Christiaan has been hospitalised for 170 days - since January.
In quarantine.
In Sydney.
With TB.
From what PMM gleaned in her reading, he travelled to South America and got super sick.
  And then went to hospital.
Then came out.
Then got evensicker.
  He makes fully sick vids from his hospital room.
                    Like this Fashionista vid about a new label called 'Sicke'.
                        He has an entire YouTube channel of his own.
                       Because he is ridiculously funny and awesome.
                                                Fully sick. 
                                             Fully talented.
                                             And fully cute.
      Once he's out of hospital someone better give this fully sick rapper a job. 
                                               A good one too.

                                You can join his Facebook page too.
                                Where he has over 20,000 friends

                           The Fully Sick Rapper is all kinds of cool.
                        Who doesn't love a guy with a banana peel bow tie?
text courtesy Pottymouthmama             
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Jess said...

Wow.. I had no idea about this guy. How awful that he is stuck in there but cool that he is doing something fun with his time!

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