Friday, 22 October 2010

MEME Etiquette? Does starting a Meme using existing Meme title and theme = plagiarism???

You all know how I love a Meme or three!

I'm curious as to the consensus about copyright, owning and naming a meme?

If a successful Meme has been running since 2006 with over 200 subscribers ...

is it appropriate for another blogger to start a Meme using the exact same title and format? 

Hey I'm not the Meme police.

But to my mind such an act reeks of plagiarism!

Shouldn't the originator of the Meme retain the title as their own work?

Isn't it blatantly inappropriate for someone to start up an exact copy Meme using both the same title and the same Meme theme?

Isn't Meme copying exactly the same as Quilt copying ... read more here

Isn't Meme copying the same as the never ending copying done by people tracing their family history ?

Am I being generational?

What's happened to old fashioned manners, respect and courtesy to the copyright of another person's work that has successfully endured? 
Interested to hear your thoughts!


Coloradolady said...

This is interesting because I just found a meme that carries the same theme, slightly different title on another day very much like the one I have done for a long while. It sorta made me mad in a way....but what can I do, in fact, I think in all actuality this is someone who wanted to take mine over if I stopped doing it and I said no. I am sorta on the fence, but I am leaning to the side that it is annoying to say the least.

Sally said...

It doesn't sound nice. Hard to believe it would happen... what's the point? If the meme already exists why not just play along?
People are strange beasts Cherie... surely you've picked up on that by now???

debby emadian said...

When I read this posting Cherie I panicked because I started a meme recently as a bit of fun between my few blogger friends based on a poem I'd read.

I didn't check first to see if anyone else was using the same name.....I didn't even think about it. Thankfully I've checked and no-one else is using the same name or concept that I've been able to find......phew.....

Do you think possibly the person may had unintentionally pinched someone's idea? Especially if like me they are fairly new to blogging it could have been an accident.....probably they don't even know what they've done....?

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