Thursday, 7 October 2010

Today is R U OK Day ... please ask someone "Are You OK?" ...

The handsome Simon Baker is the spokes person for
R U OK Day today in Australia?
Ask someone "Are You OK?" today and every day!

This is a national day of action in the hope of preventing suicide by encouraging people to connect by asking friends and collegues  "Are You OK?"

Why not do the ask someone "Are You OK?" every day???


BOB & MABEL said...

I posted this on my Facebook page this morning. Such an important message.
I'm off to ring some friends to see if they R OK!!!
Have a great day.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cherie. Hope U R OK :) Have a lovely week xx

Pam said...

Wasn't even aware there was an R U OK Day. Thanks Cherie. and yes....R U OK? and your lovely daughter? Take care. x

p.s. I so think Simon is just scrummy! ;o))

Cherie said...

Yes lovely Elizabeth and Pam I'm OK today and everyday ;) Thank YOU both so very much. xoxo.

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