Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Are you missing me?

Popping in to say I'm still in a nurses uniform.
Maybe I'll take to wandering. The Button Pusher
is coming out of the twilight zone, letters have
been written about the unit manager. You read the
stories about the hospital system and when you
least expect it you're amongst it.

Management has a lot to answer for. The staff
are doing their best. Management don't talk to
each other, the staff, the family and least of all
the patients.
Today I met a woman who's relative had been
taken to the wrong nursing home from the same
ward where the Button Pusher currently resides.
The woman's relative had been badly treated and
when discharged was to be transferred to a new
facility. She'd come to the hospital to get her
relative, with dementia, transported. The staff
told her she had to move him. She went to war,
telling them they took him there and it was up to
them to get her relative to the correct place.
She was then off to see another relative in the
cardiac ward ... my lot seemed not quite so bad!

I'll get back to you shortly!


Jana B said...

Whew... at that point, had I been her, I would have been seeing red & spitting nails!!!!!

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