Sunday, 23 April 2006

The Crack Up - I'm Over It!

Crikey where has the week gone I wonder? – having a darn
crack up that’s where!!!. Wearing that nurses uniform was so
out of character for me but a good result is taking place and
the button pusher is in rehabilitation, making a comeback.

I’ve found out who my loved ones are and they know how much
they’ve held me up through it all. Lessons have been learnt as
they usually are when a crisis hits me. My philosophy is there’s
no such thing as a bad experience, it’s all part of the lessons of
life. Out of something bad always comes something good – a
twist on an old adage that has stood me in good stead. My wisdom
has expanded, my inner self has become calmer. Thank goodness
I hear loved ones say!

I'm searching for a companion ~ a furry, mature aged, desexed,
kind. Purely for therapeutic reasons - yeah right ;~)
Then I'll be even more eccentric ... And loving it!


Lobo Solitário said...

Really? I'm not.

... said...

Greetings from Estonia!
God bless you!


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