Friday, 14 April 2006

Easter Egg Wrappers - The Collectors

Friday night at 8pm the ABC shows a quirky 30 minute
program 'The Collectors' that makes me feel not so odd.

This weeks Collector Cam was a gal who saves Easter Egg
wrappers! Now's your chance! Don't let the kids throw the
wrappers away. You can sit for hours slowly rubbing the
creases from the foil as the aroma of chocolate tantalises
your senses. Slip them into an acid free folder, colour
co-ordinated and each time you open them the sweet
smell will be there to remind you ... for next Easter and ...

What a yummy way to spend Easter - for now and forever!


Mom of Mattie said...

Ok, so I am going crazy. Where do you find the Easter Egg Wrappers. They used to come with the Dye's, but not anymore. I loved doing these as a child and want to pass along the tradition with my daughter. Do you know of any websites that sell these?

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