Wednesday, 26 April 2006

The new Kit on the Block.

Allow me to introduce you to my new companion.

Resuced by a neighbour last week and known as Tibbles previously
the much loved companion of a lady who'd died was all we knew.
Tibbles had wandered the neighbourhood and was found being
mistreated by residents at a boarding house. She's malnourished with
wobbly legs, a skinny tail, bones that need some flesh on them but she
purrs like a luxury, expensive, highly tuned BMW.

My neighbour rescued her, carrying her home in a shopping bag over
the shoulder. The neighbour had a much loved, fat cat, that didn’t take
too kindly to an "intruder". Barriers were established. The fat cat in the
living room, Tiddles in the bedroom, always on guard, always awake,
extremely nervy with a scared and wary look in her eyes.

We’d auditioned her a week ago under the impression that Tibbles was
Mr. Tibbles. If I was having a house mate it was not going to be a
male of any description. The neighbour thought another home had
been found for Mr. Tibbles. I was disgusted and suggested that if he
wouldn’t live with this neighbour then why would he send Mr. Tibbles
there. It didn’t last and within 24 hours Mr. Tibbles had been chased
with a broom, not been fed and required rescuing again. Even more
distressed as well as in dire need of a manicure, we discovered that
Mr. Tibbles appeared to be Ms. Tibbles, her fate was sealed, she
moved in with me.

Along with a new home she was given a new identity.

Her name is now Pearl. She’s been sleeping since moving in on a fluffy
purple towel on the back of my couch. We showed her around including
where the litter was - only once - and at some stage during her
first night she ate some fresh chicken morsels then found her way to,
and used the litter. What a genius cat!

She's slept almost non stop and says a little 'Meaow'. A feeding pattern has
been established with Optimum dry food in the morning and as I prepare
my dinner at night she is served two dessertspoons of canned food.
Tonight I tapped the tin with a spoon and she came running. She devoured
only the gravy but at midnight she polished off the lot and then went to the
bathroom and back to her spot on the back of the couch.
We'll take her to the vet later in the week for a check up and shots!

I am happy to announce I am now the Mother of Pearl!


freebird said...

Just letting you know I read Pearl's story. So glad she found a good home to spend her last days in.

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