Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Computers - getting rid of a bug ...

I'm one of those people that can make something out of nothing, like turn 5 things from your pantry into a delectable meal, fit furniture into a space just by looking at the area, plus can conquer a myriad of other feats ... but when it comes to a computer I am totally without hope ... that was until today.

When I went in to do some computer housekeeping, you know remove the tenp Internet Folders, update the anti virus program etcetera ... somehow I stumbled on the words no-one ever wants to see 'trojan horse'. Yikes!! What made me more determined to fix the bleeding thing was when I found the infection was attached to the back up copy of an anti spyware program that had been installed by the local computer guy! I was livid!

Determination is a great motivater.

Into google I typed 'removing a virus' that led me to the How to Clean an Infected Computer on the Grisoft forum I printed out the three pages and I was away. It's taken me all day but the rewards are massive and to not have to pay some guy $80 to come and do it or worse still lugg it to a computer store, is even more rewarding.

The lesson's learnt are to be sure you have the following or something similar installed on your computer:
and for me the best Anti Virus Program - AVG ... which are all FREE!!!

Always remember to practise safe virus protection ... and most of all ... if the most unilliterate computer person, me, can do it, then YOU can to!!!


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