Sunday, 24 June 2007

What a difference 14 days makes ...

Ooo La La is it fourteen days since I was last here.
So much has happened - all good - all exciting - all life changing.

A couple of weeks ago I listened to Kaffe Fasset and it was as if the top of my head had lifted off as images and ideas about the use of colour washed through my thoughts. I know I previously mentioned this and it's still foremost in my mind. Inspiration is brewing, ideas that had lay dormant burst into my mind, all those conformist rules of colour that had teetered in my mind since school days are banished.

The colour wheel, what a lot of rot, blue and green should never be seen, where did that comes from ?? Again I pondered whether the theoretical know alls had yet checked where the horizon met the sky prior to penning that ancient adage? Kaffe reminded us that children have the ability to use colour at will, yet society, the education system and life in general is set up to dictate the use of colour in a conformist way - says who???

How excellent it was to read Robin Atkins' comments in her book, One Bead at a Time that our creative force once we get to school, the emphasis turns more to making order ... so in our school years, for many of us, the creative side begins to shut down ...

Kaffe inspired me to rediscover the lost place in my soul - I am so over the theorists' traditional, expected, use of colour - life is venturing down another path for the creative me - I am so fortunate!
Watch this space !


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