Saturday, 2 June 2007

Luv-a-Duck ...NOT!

If you're a Vegetarian or Vegan - don't read on ...

Everyone who knows me knows I'm partial to a feast of duck! Duck salad at MINH , duck curry at THAI POTHONG, duck with ginger & shallots at a yummy, super fast, Thai eatery in Newtown where Veronica and I yearn to go more often.

So when I saw Luv-a-duck in my local butcher store I was ecstatic.

On Thursday night I followed the directions on the pack of Peking Duck Breast, accompanied with steamed baby bok choy and green beans whilst salivating at the delicious prospect.

On opening the packet I knew all was not as I expected. I'd never seen such a gi-normous duck breast, the sauce wasn't Peking it was a watery brownish concoction. OK, I thought, wait till you do the taste test. Two mouthfuls and it was in the bin. It was the most tasteless, contrived mix of compressed grey meat, no unique, gamey duck taste, more likely the sweepings off the duck manufacturing plant floor. Disgusting.

Next morning the also purchased Honey Roast Duck Legs along with my complaint went back to my butcher. He was concerned, offered a refund or an exchange for fresh duck breasts, a pack of two in a 120g pack... (interestingly not mentioned on the Luv-a-duck website) ... but ... Yay, I thought, this is the go!!

Tonight I scored the skin of the two breasts, spread a teaspoonful mix of St Dalfour Orange & Ginger Jam (the most luscious jam in the universe) and McCormicks Asian Wok Spices across the skin, placed them on foil on a tray, into the oven at 220 degrees for 20 minutes. No oil, as duck is usually fairly fatty!

When I removed the tray from the oven I was shocked to see the breasts swimming in liquid, 120 mls to be precise, as the photo shows.

My version of the duck, with steamed asian greens and baby corn was delish!

I've contacted the Luv-a-duck people, told them of my experience and questioned as to why I should pay for 120mls of liquid ... to be continued!


freebird said...

All the meat and poultry seem to be full of water anymore. I have been cooking long enough to remember it being different. We had lots of fat in our cheap burger but no water in our beef, pork, or chicken. I don't know what gives.

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