Friday, 1 June 2007

Farewell to Pearl.

Organising my blog made me decide it was time to post about Pearl.

The perfect pussy cat Pearl left for that big cattery in the sky on April 22, 2007, just three days short of a year since she came to live with me. Over a few weeks she began to lose weight, she'd moved out of the living room to a quieter spot, she grew more finicky with her food and overnight stopped drinking. Pearl had a tumour in her pancreas, the Vet said it was the size of a manadarin, pressing on her stomach, causing reflux. She'd always been a burpy little girl. The tumour had potentially metastisized to her liver, a growth was present there too. Astonishingly the Vet thought she was 10 years old - she carried her age well ... I miss her dreadfully!

Sad not to be The Mother of Pearl <^..^> xxx

p.s. Read about Pearl's arrival.


freebird said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty. Stillheart at just lost hers also. Glad you shared her picture. I love my family members(pets) and feel so bad for you.

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