Saturday, 1 September 2007

#75 Sunday Scribblings 'THE END'

I’ve been dilly-dallying over what to write about “The End”. I loath thoughts of ‘the end’ when it concerns my own mortality. I ponder … is it fear? I’m unsure if that’s the right word, a dread maybe, of my own demise, the end of my wonderful life. I don’t want my life to end, there’s still way too much to be accomplished. I know I’d be a real loser if I wasted this precious life dreading the prospect of the end. Realistically that’s pointless. Commonsense prevails. Get on with life the end will come no matter what!

Deep down I dislike the end of so many things. The end of a conversation with a loved one, the end of a luscious meal, the end of a block of dark chocolate, the end of a story, a book, a movie, or a tune (at least with those it can be repeated), the end of a holiday, the end of a loved one’s life, the end of a wonderful day … the end of a plethora of things.

Ha … but if I remember graduating at the end of three years of study, the satisfaction at the end of a creative project, feeling well at the end of a painful illness, the personal well being at the end of giving up smoking, booze, benzo’s, wheat, dairy, caffeine, plus a zillion other marvellous, life changing 'the end' moments and recall how fabulous they made me feel, then I’m contradicting myself aren’t I?

So … I’m back to where I started with this prompt ...flummoxed ... as to whether the end is really the end or a new beginning?


Marcy said...

A great post Redness -- I would agree with you that some endings are just much, much better than others!!

ren.kat said...

ah, the end is really the beginning every time, isn't it. I'd like to think so. It makes it more exciting.

Tammy said...

Some endings are sweet but I like to stick everything under "changes." I love the word "flummoxed." lol

gautami tripathy said...

End of Dark chocolates..well...that is one end I do not like to see!!!

Stacy said...

I really dread the end of a good book.

Gill said...

I agree, some endings are awful - the end of a good book (HATE that!), the end of a piece of dark chocolate (awful!) but there are good endings too (the end of work on a Friday comes to mind!)

Kris said...

Hihi, I like the word "flummoxed" too. And "plethora"... And "dilly-dallying." I basically like your use of words.

And chocolate. Since we're on the topic. I like that too.

Patois said...

Circular, indeed. I felt I had to start at the beginning and read again.

Chocolate. Yummmmm.

Frances said...

Lovely I read it several times.
I too hate the end of a great conversation and a dark chocolate bar.
Thanks for sharing

giggles said...

I love the diversity of your words! A wonderful perspective that I agree with! Now to give up Wheat, Dairy and Caffeine that would be difficult...but you are an inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Peace Giggles

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