Friday, 13 January 2006

AW Day 1

There was an email from Kat saying she's adding my blog to the list of AW do'ers.
I've read the first 24 pages AND the first chapter, I'm committed to do this.
Morning pages are done - look at the time will you??
My jaunt to the city today will be my first artist's date.

Had a lightbulb moment for a theme for this blog ~ (it's all happening round here)!

The theme will be a daily "I'm Over It"..............

Day 1 - I'm over ... the obscene waste in op shops - now theirs a topic to get up my nose!


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Love your blog title!
I'm slowly working my way down the list on Kat's blog.... (Otherwise I'll never sleep, eat OR work!!)
There are so many things most of us want to get past, don't you think?


kat said...

hey there! i'm lovin' the theme for you blog. so fun!

welcome to the aw group. i'm glad to have you along for the journey. :-)

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