Friday, 27 January 2006

Blogging The Artist's Way

Despite not being able to blog the morning pages have been done. Today was Day 15. Haven't missed one morning and am thoroughly enjoying it. Plenty has been revealed even though much of what is in chapter one has already been dealt with over the years. The morning pages began as three A5 pages but soon became A4's with the flurry of the pen scrunching up the writing as it whooshed across the page.

The Exercises for Week 1 -
Time Travel went back to 1978 and 1998. Not having a mind for trivia and having had the mechanism to block things out negatives were hard to recall.

Horror Stories - there's way too many of them - they'll be in the book. Catharticism reigned long ago.

The letter in my defence is unnecessary at this time. I know who I am, how gorgeous, funny,clever and brave I am - and no, that is not being big headed.

My three old champions - MJ, the Doc and Little Willy.

Affirmations - were many. They were never enough!

The thank you letter would be to to me - for having the gall and guts to survive.

The morning pages have been done EVERY day.

Artist's Date - Coffee and Gluten Free Jaffa Cake - Myers. To Borders for browsing, purchasing the beautiful Belle Amoir, a book Notions resulting in spending 2 hours with my artist and me.

The significant issues resolved though the week have been never to reside at the place of the button pusher.
To stop being like the XB Thing.
To not Eeewwwuuu too much with PET.
The organisation that I have created round me has been healthy both for my mind, body and soul. A general sense of wellbeing along with the joy of the morning pages has been gorgeous. An excellent week.


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