Monday, 30 January 2006

Blogging AW - Week 2.

Week two of AW ...Done!
The discussion about crazy makers, threw me. The self destructive rang loud bells reminding me of the person I was in a past life. Close to previous bones.
The crazymaker has and always will be the button pusher. No faith, no belief and still doing it. Personal wellbeing needs realisation, not accept, but understand why and get over it. Pet offered sensible advice "stop trying to rationalise it's your button pusher"! True!!

Exercises ... done.

Five more lives ....challenging!
A photographer
A public speaker
A medical researcher
A travel writer / guide for Lonely Planet
A watercolour painter

Ten changes I'd like to make for myself are -
Hate dark chocolate.
Stop leaving things till the last minute.
Lose weight.
Earn more money.
Travel - everywhere.
Stop finger picking.
Organise my filing cabinet.
Organise the guest room.
Tend the WOMBATs.
Lose the sweet tooth.

16 morning pages - not missed one!
They're working for me. Up earlier to do them, very unusual. Week one sleep was better however the beginning of week two was weird. Dreaming, unnerved, sad. Over that now! Wrote previously about the artist's 'half a'date. Nothing else significant. I'm way ahead with scheduling. Tonight thread a needle, embroidered gold feather stitching on FDS's block ... now that's a breakthrough!


Jen(nifer) said...

Impressive! Keep up the great work! I have managed all the tasks up through Week 3 but NOT the morning pages...

Oy! :)

Let me know if you want to put up the AW Blogroll on your blog! I can send you the code so you can keep up with all of us on your blog!

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