Saturday, 14 January 2006


After the holiday break garage sales were on today. Out with the old, in with the older. 7am PET and I were back in the game. Even the morning pages were done.

By mid morning we always head to a favourite café for brunch. On a wide tree lined street with an island in the centre of the divided road we sit outside and consume a scrummy brunch but today something wonderful happened.

PET had crossed the road and I was standing on the divided section. Sitting at a table outside the café was a man and woman with a dog. As I waited for the traffic to pass I watched as the dog got up from where it had been lying watching the passing parade and came towards the kerb. I started to cross and noticed the pooch come to the edge of the kerb. It only had three legs.

The dog began to get excited, tail wagging, head nodding, mouth open like a smile, you know how dogs, especially when they’re big dogs with lots of coat move up and down and round and round with the whole body almost doing the rhumba? This dog knew me. As I got closer I began talking to the dog “hello darling pooch, how are you, who are you” The owners were watching, smiling, looking questioningly. I kept talking to the dog “how are you who are you?” Suddenly the dog was so beside itself it had rolled onto it’s back and with it’s right paw was gesturing to me to rub it’s tummy. As excited to see me as any pooch I have ever know.

The woman of the couple asked me “Do you know her?” “No” I replied. “But she knows me”. I asked about the dog. I already knew she was a Border Collie. They told me her name was Tammy, she was nine years old. I went inside the café for a moment and when I came back to the door she was sitting waiting for me. She walked with me back to our table tail wagging and looking up at me. I so wanted her to speak. Tammy’s owners were stunned. I was ecstatic by the experience. I believe most of us have been here before. Was this synchronicity at it’s best? Who was Tammy?

This wonderful moment reaffirmed my resolve that blogging AW, with my 100% participation will re-open all the possibilities I have allowed to close.


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