Saturday, 14 January 2006


Yesterday and today did the morning pages and enjoyed. Meant to post the contract (below) last night but got lost in blog land. Gadzooks there are some multi talented gorgeous, inspirational, with so much to share AW bloggers. Thanks to you all. Synchronicity kept popping up too, how I adore that.

OK, yesterday was my first artists’s date. As per usual I tried to cram too much into one day. The deal was to meet MJ for lunch, take the digi camera back to the store and then my artist’s date. Like why waste the bus ticket, the putting on the face, I’m out? Do it all in one go instead of to-ing and fro-ing.

I lost it when it appeared the digi was going to have to go in for repair. One to two months …WOT?? I can’t live without it, give me a refund, bottom jaw trembling, (MJ head shaking thinking why is she losing it, it’s only a camera?). Solution – to the distributor, straight to the source, cut out the middle knob is now on the list of things to do. Henceforth all photos will have a faint gossamer haze on the left hand side of the shot. I’ll make sure I’m on the left as it definitely looks like Vaseline has been placed on the lens.

Sushi lunch, camera store browsing with MJ and back to the grind - Me at 3pm on the artist’s date. After the digi fiasco marvelling at the sights of Sydney at lunch time on Friday 13th was a buzz. A la cas-u-al, sloppy, Ooops here comes the generation gap. All that boho, rubber thongs, fat butts with flesh hanging over jeans where it shouldn’t be. Tatts that should never been done on the white spongey flesh of people with questionable taste and don't own mirrors. I so wanted to take pics, but the throngs with thongs didn’t deserve the Vaseline lens plus i didn't have a wide angle. An I'm Over it moment.

The calmness of book stores beckoned. Now this was the artist's date. Beautiful books on beautiful paper, on beautiful topics like the Art Deco era, 1940s fashion, Beading, Glassware, Silk painting, so much to enjoy, a droolable visual feast.

The stationary section beckoned. My treats were a new pen, not one but two books for morning pages. The question is what size pages is everyone writing? My first two mornings are A5 but by the time I get to page three my pen is running wild. Tomorrow I’m switching to A4. I bought hard covered spiral bound books that I am going to cover in a new technique I saw over at another blog (I’ll keep you posted). I realised too that they don’t make lined paper like they used to (yep a Virgo moment)!! I wanted paper like my visual journals, lined, not that recycled thin crap. Would you believe the cheapest hard covered books in Woolworth’s had the best paper?
The date ended with shopping for beautiful crunchy blueberries, wheat free bread, pear juice, goats cheese and Lindt orange dark chocolate and was on the bus home, happy and contented before the peak hour rush. The first artist’s date was a success.


beche-la-mer said...

Love the idea of the Vaseline lens. Remind me to make sure I'm on that side of your photos!
I'm envious of your commitment to the Artist's Way and will be keeping a close eye on how you are going with it.
Love Melody

an artist's way experience said...

I've been trying notebooks and papers in all sizes for the morningpages. But what works best for me now since a long time is a4 print paper. No lines and a good size. Without the lines it even seems easier for me to get the words out and the size is like an invitation to me as well. But apart from the paper, a real good pen is even more important for me...

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