Sunday, 29 January 2006

Breathrough v Breakdown.

Too many things got in the way during the past week. It was almost "crack up"
time. Then Friday happened and so did good things. The breakdown became a
breakthrough. I'd made a purchase on ebay. The package arrived. I was ecstatic.
Sent the seller an email espousing my ecstaticism (is that a word?). She replied
telling me she had sent the wrong fabric, keep the mistake and she would send
me what I initally ordered. Was I beside myself ... you guess? If you saw what
I had bid on, won and knew the project I was working towards (sounds all cloak
and dagger doesn't it) then you would have been doing cart wheels of the mind
like I was!
There'd been not a smdige of inclination about an artist's date till then but it was
1pm, almost too late to do what I've been yearning to do. I phoned for times and
dates and it's there till October...yeehaa artists's date coming up!

The Sydney Justice & Police Museum has an exhibition I have this urge to get to!
"City of Shadows: Inner City Crime & Mayhem 1912-1948" comprises an extensive photographic collection of countless crime and accident scene photography from
the early 20th century. Included are pics of people who found themselves involved
either as perps, victims or bystanders.

The publicity shot of a guy "H.Ellis" fascinates me. Some years ago the genealogy
bug got me and I traipsed the inner city, spent hours researching in the State
Library and visited and photographed old addresses where the dearly departed
once lived. There are many skeletons rattling the closet. Being born and bred in
Sydney, this exhibition intrigues me. The good news is that it's on till October.

Back to Friday ... so ...I went in search of a hairdresser. Like some people loathe
dentists, so I loathe hairdressers. I know I have a short neck, a round face, I
know I like my hair the way I like it not the way they want to cut it. For the
past three years I had a guy beautifully trained to leave me looking like I want
to look and in December he retired, sold the shop ...drat.

Watch this space as I've shopped round and have an appointment in a couple
of days. You'll hear about it here!

So the breakdown was abolished, the breakthrough took over and the rest is all good!


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