Friday, 7 September 2007


The APEC circus so far ...

The city of Sydney is like a ghost town ... it's been raining so bleak, cold, wet streets are sombre and deserted.

Millions of people have left Sydney for the three day "holiday" the government gave the people
but was that simply a bribe to get the people out of town?

Kids are off school, post offices are closed, no Saturday newspapers will be produced, the city circle rail system is shut down.

City cafes, restaurants, cab drivers, retailers and a zillion other businesses both large and small are experiencing severe financial losses - one can only hope that a class action will begin by a disgruntled business owner.

George Bush has made yet another infamous blunder calling it "OPEC" instead of "APEC" one can only wonder if he knows where he his.

The brilliant guys from the ABC program "The Chaser's War on Everything" set themselves up in look like security vehicles, ID cards, flags, dressed as US security men and managed to get through two check points ending up within a stones through of Bush's hotel. The game was only up when one emerged dressed as Osama ? Demonstrated how efficient the security is.

A man jaywalked in the city near a motorcade and was severly manhandled and arrested by half a dozen zealous police officers.

Bent Street in the city is set up as a bomb searching area where all motor vehicles are searched by army personnel.

Protesters driving from Victoria and have been stopped at Tarcutta, 400 ks out of Sydney where the people and vehicles have been meticulously searched.

Protesters showed Bush a bit of cheek when they did "21 Bum Salute" . They'd hoped 4000 would attend in a break a world monning record - but no such luck!

... and the circus continues ...


Herb Urban said...

No, he really doesn't know the difference. But it was nice of him to thank John Howard for the contributions of the Austrian troops in Iraq.

Can we trade you Dubya for a six pack of Fosters? Please, keep him. We've had enough of this idiot.

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