Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The George Bush Travelling Circus ... who's paying?

In five hours the George Bush travelling circus lands in Sydney for the APEC show.

I wonder do the US people know that the clown is travelling with 650 people - yep that's right an entourage of 650 hangers on! So who's paying for the three day jaunt?

Obviously the millions of US citizens who are living below the poverty line, obviously the people who are awaiting medical attention and a multitude of other services available in third world countries. Yes the people who believe they live in the greatest country on earth, where, according to Michael Moore the US health system rates as 37th in the world are footing the bill so their "leader" is able to pop downunder for an obscene get-to-gether with the population of a small town in tow!

Shameful isn't it?


giggles said...

Again we agree!!!! We are living in the best Countries on Earth, not them!

Peace Giggles

tongue in cheek said...


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