Thursday, 27 September 2007

No Wheat, No Dairy ... Jenny McCarthy & Autism

Watching The View yesterday my ears pricked up yesterday when I heard the guest Jenny McCarthy say "No wheat, no dairy and gluten ... " had been life changing for her now five year old son Evan who'd been diagnosed with Autism three years ago.

Silently I exclaimed "HooRay" more people will get the message!

In 1999 I was diagnosed with CFS/ME & FMS. Life was over. Orthodox medicine had me full of uppers and downers, meds for the severe pain throughout my whole body, I had allergies to shopping malls, after shave lotion, paint and life in general. I walked with a cane, I had "Home Care", I fell into walls, couldn't hold a conversation and was angry, filthy with the world for this affliction. The doctors talked about upping me to opiates for the pain, I started freaking, I dragged myself to search and search for a solution but found that people lived the illness, were happy to go with it and up the medication more and more, grow fatter, sit in a wheel chair and generally feel totally sorry for themselves! I became angrier but my survivial mojo kicked in, I was so over it, this was not going to be my future.

Blessed as usual I found an old GP, who'd retained is GP status but was also into natural medicine. Both he and his wife were survivors of multiple chemical sensitivites, he took one look at me and told me, "Cut out wheat, diary, gluten, sugar and caffeine and drink plenty of water." Bloody hell I thought. This had all begun after stopping smoking and guzzling cool refreshing glasses of happiness - what joy was there to be left in life? Water ... you know what fishes do in that, I'd only consumed water as ice!

I did it and within days there was a change. He weaned me off the meds. Elimination of night shades and red meat as well made way for organics, soy, seafood and a plethora of delicious eats. Label reading in supermarkets was educational and fun!

Hearing Jenny McCarthy tell the story the survival of her, now five year old son diagnosed with Autism and how after also eliminating the dreaded wheat, gluten and dairy he is in a normal school made my heart burst, feel vaildated and wanting to yell to the disbelievers Na, na, na na, Naaaaaa!!!

Ohhh trust me there's plent of people out there that think it's all BS. People who are still like I was eight years ago. People who must adore being dependent and sick, which is a sickness itself, people who love being off their dial on opiates, still chain smoking and drinking gallons of coffee and sodas a day. Trust me they're out there without a life threatening illness, using up resources that could be better spent on people who need it when all these malingerer's have to do is have a session ot twenty with a good shrink, (who doesn't prescribe meds), look for their root cause and stop putting all the crap in their mouths! It's hard work but it's so worth and to gain life, dignity and longevity ...

Do I sound harsh? You betcha !!!

Here's some other people doing it too ...

Coeliac Disease




Gill said...

Very interesting. I mentioned in a previous comment once that I have stopped dairy, I've taken my 12yo daughter, Paula, off it too - I don't find it easy, I really don't, but it has helped our sinus problems a LOT. I have been toying with the idea of kicking the wheat too, for a long time, but have been hesitant as I think that will probably be more difficult to avoid than the dairy - thanks to your post I have decided to give it a try and see if it makes a difference. The reason I want to try is that Paula is having a major struggle with an asthma condition and I have read of links between wheat and asthma - we'll have to see if it does the trick, at this stage I will try anything!

Lucy said...

thanks for this advice. My son is constantly suffering from asthma and allergies. I have a feeling Wheat and DAiry could be the culprit with him as well. Hope your change has you feeling better. :)

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