Thursday, 6 September 2007

Caitlyn's Story.

A darling little girl, Caitlyn, the daughter of some lovely people I know has been born with a rare disease, Severe Bilateral Micropthalmia or very small eyes. Her Dad has started a web site Caitlyn's Story .

Rohan is seeking any and all information and would love to hear from people who know someone or have any experience with the disease. It is rare and they need all the information they can gather so Caitlyn will have a normal, happy life.

This beautiful family would love so much to hear from people so please don't hesitate to contact them when you read Caitlyn's Story.


giggles said...

My dear friend has a disabled 3 1/2 year old boy, it's so difficult. He still has no actual diagnosis...and gets put through so many tests during the search. Hope your friend finds some resolve! Beautiful family rings so true in my friend’s case too!!! So sad what they have to endure! Blessing to them!

Peace Giggles

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