Sunday, 2 December 2007

NSW Police Band ... crime shirkers ...

A pic from an episode of Blue Heelers or an Australian IDOL audition you ask ???

NOooooo ... it's too many police officers shirking the beat whilst under the guise of The NSW Police Band performing at a Sydney suburban street fair today.

No wonder we wait so long for police to answer a call ... too many are at band practice. What a rort. ... join the cops to fight crime, end up in a rock 'n'roll band, receive a cops wage ... how good is that !!!!

What an outrageous use of resources ... police salaries, instruments, chairs, music stands, sound equipment, sound engineers, huge trucks to carry the equipment, buses to transport the 'band' ... and the band plays on while crime and fear rages ...????????


Jo said...

I thought you sounded not like your usual self.......I'll send good thoughts down under.


Jo said...
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Anonymous said...

Ummm... I'm an ex-police band member. Maybe you should have talked to them. Not one of them is trained in 'front line' police duties. They are all (very poorly paid) musicians and spend most of their time playing in schools, shopping centres etc trying to educate kids that crime is wrong.

The annual budget of the Police Band is about 0.0015% of the total Police Force budget, and it gets smaller every year. That's the main reason I left... lack of support from our employers, the Police Force! If they could have their way there would be no Police Band at all.

Anyway, the idea of the band is to show a 'friendly, creative and approachable' face of the NSW Police to the public... I guess it doesn't work:-)

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