Sunday, 16 December 2007

TELSTRA Scam - rounding off cents on bills ...

I have noticed (and on back-checking have confirmed) that Telstra adds 1c rounding to a number of their accounts (not all). A bill today for $120.42 cents to which they rounde 1c making the bill $120.43 - that way they could be receiving 120.45 instead of 120.40. If you multiply that by the number of people in Australia who have a paid for Telstra service it could certainly add a few million dollars a year in Telstra coffers.

Isn't that cheating???

On a previous bill they added 1 cent to a bill that added up to $89.76, making it $89.77 and therefore raising the bill to $89.80.

I phoned to query! Telstra apologised profusely and gave me a credit of $1.00 for any past additions! Makes you think they are aware of the cheating, working on the principle of 'who notices a cent?"

Please check your bills ... phone them and complain - get your dollar rebate and let them know that you know Telstra is cheating!

The gorgeous B.F. has blown the lid on this Telstra scam!!


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