Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Manic Monday # 125

What do you do when you are feeling very sad or depressed? Get Over It!

Who was your first crush? Harry, the son of the man who owned the first small supermarket in Hall Street, Bondi opposite the post office.

If given a chance to skip work for a day (without repercussions), how would you spend the entire day? Pull the doona over my head and read, snooze, read, snooze ... but hang on ... I don't "work" ...


Just Jen said...

I got to get over it...I got a troll...maybe i'll write what you did on your leave a comment thing...LOL
I love that!...slither back in your hold....LOL
now go read snooze read snooze...lol
I'm a SAHM...I would love to have the time to read snooze...you want a couple kids for a day? LOL

Faye Dianne said...

Hi Red, Love the new look... Hope you're feeling well!!!
hugz -

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