Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sunday Scribblings #119 - My oldest friend.

Those of you who know me will surely know my oldest friend is ... of course, it's Moi ... same tune different fiddle ;)

My oldest friend over saw it all. The trials and tribulations of life, the highlights, the achievments, the sadness, the happiness, times of being loved and unloved, of doing exactly what everyone said not to, of doing what others decided should be done, without any say. When all the decisions were mine my oldest friend stuck by me, no matter the outcome. My oldest friend ran with me, nope not your usual marathon, this running was away from me, no-one ever told me I was taking the problem I was running from with me, the problem was in me, was me, even my oldest friend didn't know.

My oldest friend was right there the whole time. Guarding me, standing by me. Was my oldest friend really guiding me through all that strife? Someone was. My oldest friend made sure I found my way home, didn't fall over too many times after too many glasses of happiness. I wonder was it my oldest friend who kept my commonsense and intuition tuned in then heaved and shoved me up the corporate ladder. Was it the hand of my oldest friend I'm sure I felt in the small of my back pushing me through the doors of opportunity, whispering in my ear what to say and what not to say during business hours, who then let me off the leash once the sun went down?

My oldest friend is still here, will be by my side on this wonderful journey till I clock off. My oldest friend has my eternal gratitude for persisting, for recognising my potential, for steering the wobbly boot, for stopping my heart from breaking too much, for egging me on when I thought it wasn't worth it, for growing up when I grew up.

Now we're swanning toward the twilight zone, we're eclectic and eccentric, neither heartbroken, blaming or jealous nor wanting more than what is now ... don't you wish my oldest friend was yours?


anthonynorth said...

A great post - about a friend anyone would be glad to have.

Lilibeth said...

It's good that your oldest "friend" is an encourager.

keithsramblings said...

What a great friend to have. Just be careful never to fall out with yourself!

Lucy said...

beautiful tribute to your innerself. Love this red!

Michelle said...

I loved this. I need to take note and give more respect to my innerself, and pay tribute from time to time!!

Just Jen said...

fabulously written!
and I'm glad you are over, being over it! Love the new header :D

b said...

Maybe she is...friends come in many forms.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...


Hit the target. ;-)


danni said...

very insightful piece, inspires me to give myself a little more credit rather than being my own constant critic - i don't know what you're over being over, but here's to you for being over it all!!!

Tammy said...

What a great friend you are!

paisley said...

we are so alike.. this is an elongated form of my about page... LY XXXOOO

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