Saturday, 12 July 2008

Write on Wednesday .... ooops it's Friday

So, how about you? Do you ever feel the need to jump start your writing? What drains the energy from your “writing mind”? What do you do when your creative battery dies?

Becca asks the above questions for this weeks Write on Wednesday ... here it is Friday, my creative mind's been flitting round all over the place. My creative mind isn't compartmentalised ... it's always on ... always planning, always creating ... only off when sleeping ... well sometimes!

The only drain of my energy from my "writing mind" is another project ... therefore I don't consider I need to jump start. Instead I need to have a chat to someone about giving me a few extra hours in the day ... this one is too darn short.

If my creative battery dies well I proclaim you'll all be very tipsy or drunk (you know who you are) at the very large wake that'll be happening when I go to the big creating heaven in the sky.

I've not been dormant this week, there's plenty happening, stuff - even real life often get's in the way of writing. That doesn't mean it's not happening in my head, in my notebook, whilst pounding this keyboard, cleaning those antique buttons, cutting out the next handbags to create, challenging Miss Blossom to befriend her cousin Tallulah Belle who's coming to stay next weekend, organising workshops, ducking into the library, expanding my attached to this chair girth whilst trawling the net ... or could it be ... while I'm attending a doctors appointment, the physiotherapist, the psychologist, the pharmacy, the supermarket, garage sales and op shoppes ... which poses the question am I a writer or a dabbler ... I'm here aren't I?


Tammy said...

I can believe this, you have a joyous energy in your words. :)

oh said...

The mention of antique buttons caught my eye, the cutting out handbags, the comings and going, the mind-working even when not writing...This is an inspiring entry full of a wonderful merry whirl.

Ravenous Reader said...

You are a whirlwind! How lovely that all these wonderful activities inspire rather than drain your creative energy. I need to learn how you do that!

Great post :)

Greyscale Territory said...

I'm with you! I think writing almost 24x7! I say almost because I do sleep sometimes! Always looking for different inspiration!

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