Friday, 25 July 2008

Write on Wednesday ... Three P's or PMA = OPM.

Becca at Write in Wednesday asks :
So, how about you? What do the three P’s of writing…practice, pleasure, profit…mean in your writing life?

To me the Three P's are integral to the craft of writing, once drudgery sets in then any practice, pleasure or profit, financially or emtionally is out the door. Schlepping towards any task, scuffing your feet, trying to shake that looming black cloud with not an iota of ka ching to be heard is the pits ... I'm Over It has arrived. Give up while you're ahead is my advice, go walk, run, do a load of laundry ... anything is preferrable than attemtping to inspire the muse at such a time. I'd add another P to Becca's list ... positive, positivity, possimistic ... how ever you say it this one is essential.

Positive mental attitude or PMA is the key for me. I once heard a sales manager hype the sales people by saying "positive mental attitude equals other people'e money." Think about it, true isn't it?

PMA equals OPM.

No matter how you relate the saying PMA works. Don't take it too literally, not greedily, for now think of it as the key to leading you to writing pleasure and profit.

Without PMA (c,mon stop thinking PMS) ... you're destined to fail. After completeing your project what's the point of thinking ... Mmmm well I've done it, but I don't know whether I've done enough practice, whether I got enough pleasure from completing the task, or whether I'll make any profit ... then throw the bloody lot into the bin, go walk into the water and don't stop till ... well you surely know what I mean!

Of course we're all not going to score a Pulitzer I'm not being ridiculously far fetched here. But we're all certainly capable of writing to the very best of our personal ability, frequently above and beyond what we ever expected ... don't you think you're already writing with a smidge of PMA?


oh said...

You're right about PMA. We forget to look at non-writing aspects of writing. In fact I'm going to use a lot of PMA to move(slink?) gracefully through the day - meetings - aaarrrgghh!

Becca said...

"We're all certainly capable of writing to the very best of our personal ability, frequently above and beyond what we ever expected."

Your posts are always a great shot in the arm to me, for you just radiate PMA!! I admit to being a tad on the "glass half empty" side, so I need to surround myself with people with enough PMA to go around (like you!)


gautami tripathy said...

Very interesting post. PMA! I like that!

Practice makes pleasure profitable

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