Monday, 14 July 2008

Farewell Olive Riley 1899 - 2008.

With great sadness today's SMH reports of the death of Olive Riley at 108 years of age last Saturday July 12.

Olive was the world's oldest blogger with the help of her friend Mike Rubbo (above with Olive)and more recently her friend Eric Shackle where she recently posted that she "can't shake off that bad cough!"

Olive was a heroine of mine. I read her blog "blob" as she used to call it when she posted, her memory of her life was as sharp as a razor, her stories were intriguing, she was as quick as a wink with her recollections, she loved to sing, talk and eat the odd meat pie.

Olive will be missed by not only her family and close friends but by the squillions of people, worldwide, who read her blob, were inspired by her and loved her despite never meeting her.
Farewell Dear Olive.


Faye Dianne said...

What a sad loss for the world, let alone her family. 108 and to still that sharp... WOW!!!

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