Sunday, 8 June 2008

Good Companies - bad online names, URL spellings ...

Ypou know those people who name their kids but never write down the initials of the chosen name or put the two names together, on paper, before subjecting their child to years of ridicule and bullying?

The following highlights the stupidity of people ...unless they did it on purpose that is ...

All of these are legitimate companies that didn't spend enough time considering how their online names might appear ... and be misread.

These are not made up.

Click on the link and check them out yourself!

* "Who Represents" which agent represents which celeb ...

* Looking for a pen?

* Need a therapist?

* Need IP computer software

* Designers at Speed of Art h

If you know of anymore then please add them to the comments box.


Gill said...

LOL! I am linking to this post, it was just what I needed on a miserable day :-)

baby~amore' said...

I like this post very funny
and your comment box is even better ... spammers need spanking and trolls need kicking.

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