Saturday, 7 June 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt ... BAD HAIR

Cost $180 = bad hair

After leaving the salon hair never looked this good = bad hair

Spent an extra $30 on product recommended by the colourist = bad hair

Colour washed out in three weeks = bad hair

Solution - No more scrimped savings spent at the
Pierre Haddad Salon.


-TNChick- said...

I'm sorry you were not happy with it... but from my view, it looks good - love the color.

paisley said...

i used to spend over $100.00 a month on coloring and frosting and cutting my hair... now i tip a $8.99 bottle of brown goo on my head once a month and be done with it!!! and i cut it myself too!!

and i am just as happy with it as i ever was with what the salon did for me....

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