Friday, 27 June 2008

Write on Wednesday.

Up late, lurking the net, I've stumbled upon an beautifully presented writers site and suddenly my pen is poised, my muse is stirring, I'd like to join.

What's the attraction I ponder, the newness, the presentation, the honesty of the inspiring moderator ... I expect it's all of the above? The combination of a positive, genuine feeling plus good old fashioned "if it feels good do it" intuition beckons me from the screen ... tempting me to join.

On writing Becca asks
"How about you? Have you found your line yet? Do you think you have one? How do you go about expressing it?"

Yes Becca ... I discovered my line long ago; life experience, the believeable combined with the unbelieveable, expressed with truth and wit oozes on hand written pages from a bulging, dusty, rusty, filing cabinet.

Times right to fling open those creaky drawers ... to commit, times right to take Becca's lead, start anew, start writing at another place ... for now I'm conjuring up a name for a blog where pounding the keyboard, will bring tall tales but true, of tradition, learned behaviour, honest fun, wierd wit, a smidge of crassness, some cynicism, possibly the need for a tissue might occur, then you'll know as I do, how blessed I am.

Please visit Becca's Writing on Wednesday


Tammy said...

I'm curious to see what's in that file cabinet. ;) I love wierd wit. ;;)

paisley said...

i can't wait,, and i better be one of the first to get that new blog s address!!!!! oh what fun!!!!

Becca said...

Your excitement and enthusiasm are so infectious! I love your line..."life experience combined with the believable and unbelievable expressed with truth and wit..."

I can't wait to read some of what comes oozing out of that file cabinet!

I'm go glad you found Write on Wednesday!

Rebecca Reid said...

"life experience" that's mine too, but isn't it great how our life experiences are all different? here's my line

Redness said...

Tammy, Paisley, Becca & Rebecca your comments have sent my motivation sky high ... for now I'm staying here, new blog = less creativity - I hope I don't let you down. Your enthusism is much appreciated xoxox

Greyscale Territory said...

Your passion and conviction are insiring. A very uplifting post!

Annie said...

I'm so glad I found you. I love the sense of renewal you bring to this post. I have you bookmarked and will love to see what comes out of the old file cabinet.

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