Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunday Scribblings - #115 - Guide

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is 'Guide'.

I've never understood or written poetry until I recently attempted writing Haiku's ... now the following has appeared, from whence it came is a mystery?

Has my muse transformed ... am I withdrawing from pain medication?


A smell
a cooling warmth
knowing someone is close
knowing you're blessed

laughing when unscathed
smiling a knowing smile

A man wearing a hat
a boy in Quaker garb
the aroma of an old ladies cologne

Being saved
for something special
the guides that surround me
quelling aloneness ...
guiding me to safety ... till my work here is done!


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Steve said...

Very well done!

anthonynorth said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. You've connected with your muse. Keep it up!

paisley said...

i love that feeling that there is a reason we are here,, saved,, as it were for something special.. sometimes i get tired of trying to find out what the hell it is,, but then again,, maybe my special is only visible to someone else,, and i will never even know....

you are my special.......

love your new muse!!

GreenishLady said...

(Sorry to see you've been bothered by bad comments... Hope that dies down)

I'm here to say what a lovely poem that is. I know that feeling of being protected & guided, but not with such specific images of the guides. Love that final verse.

yakattack said...

Well done! I feel exactly the same way. I am just one year into my accident.

Granny Smith said...

I'll be waiting for more poetry from you! It's lovely to see someone discovering the joys of writing poetry.

b said...

Yes, i do believe you were saved for something special. Lovely to see your posts and know you are there.


danni said...

wow!!! --- your muse really erupted when she dressed up like a poet - this verse is lovely, leaves me longing to know more about my own own mission and my guides - very nice perspective on the prompt!!!

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