Sunday, 15 June 2008

Photo Hunt - Emotion

Emotion ...

the joy this gift bought

beauty intended for Moi

that made others smile too!

see other's here


Whitesnake said...

Others ... why not slither back in your hole ... please don't bang the door!

You have problems with snakes?

I was just gonna say I liked the pic and what ya wrote.........
best I slither of back into me hole...........

close the door quietly...grumpy lady inside.

Steve said...

My dear young woman, the word slither comes from what I read under your "LEAVE your comment."

It was tongue in cheek....... and a pot shot at myself with a bit of cheekness thrown in!

Redness said...

Thanks for making that clear. It's difficult to guage comments when written word doesn't allow inflection, whether the writer is patronising, or has a "different" sense of humour :~)

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