Saturday, 13 October 2007

The 700 Habits of Highly Ineffective People by Jonathon Biggins.

Here it is people - forget The Secret, the DVD of which I bought at an op shop for two bucks this week, here's the self-help answer!

Jonathon Biggins latest book The 700 Habits of Highly Ineffective People delivers highly ineffective keys to unlock your true potential 'by studying the 700 habits of losers who are even further down the food chain than you are, your own sense of self-worth can be elevated to a higher plane.'

Now you're talking !!!

In a recent article in the always informative Good Weekend magazine cortesy of Sydney Morning Herald Biggins penned a marvellous dissertation about his new book including tips on how to help yourself outside the self-help movement! This gem is chockers with good old commonsense that shows the wasteful and niggling habits that success-challenged people fall into in their personal, business and creative lives.

Biggins asserts that the self help and acutalisation movement in the US alone is worth $US8.56 billion a year ... also that Professor John Norcross of Pennsylvania's University of Scranton as saying "Ten percent of self-help books are rated by mental health professionals as damaging, The Secret is probably one of them"

Ironically the greatest triumph of the self-help movement is to reinforce our feelings of inadequacy. It offers a dubious solution when in fact it's a large part of the problem. It's relentless cry of improve is a skilfully marketed echo of politicans and captains of industry as they exhort us, usually from the relative comfort of a waterfront address, to increase productivity. WHY? So we can consume more of the product ...

So Biggins has penned his own contribution to the genre - a self help manual for the completely helpless, for those who think proactive is some kind of dietry fibre supplement. It's a system called Passive Improvement (TM), a revolutionary concept that precludes any effort of emulating the habits of winners when you can simply lose the habits of losers ... just by reading 700 Habits and not forming any of them you will immediately become a better person!!! If you're a procrastinator, buy it tomorrow ...

This is it - the self-help book that makes you a better person by telling you what not to do!


Layman said...

I found a signed copy of the book at the 2nd-hand bookshop I volunteer at - for $5 too. 700 Habits is absolute gold. Contracting fatal diseases is totally not on.

I feel bad that I'm adding to the self-help wheel-of-suffering, but I hope that my stuff - like that of Jon's - is appealing to the lowest-common-denominators of human excellence, and thus less impossible to live by.

Now I'm looking to read more books from Jon.

Trigger @

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