Friday, 5 October 2007


Ohhh No I hear you say she's not about that Turnbull again - yep ya betcha I am! Interesting that this week I mention him for the first time here and bugger me if he hasn't reared his ugly head again in what can only be one of the strangest announcements with the looming Federal election - his constituents are getting the message too!

A couple of years ago MJ shouted me a gorgeous sojourn to Tasmania as a birthday present - shocked (it was the last thing I ever expected) and ectstatic as I'd always wanted to go there. In the days before I had a digi camera I took roles and roles of film Ooooing and Aaaaaing at the glorious scenery - that was until we got inland and were devastated at the rape, at the squillions of acres of tree stumps, all in the name of logging that had left so much of the land bleak and barren.

Now this flip Turnbull has announced government approval for a pulp mill in the gorgeous Tamar Valley ... good grief what is he on??

The fantastic guys at GetUp have got the Turnbull story plus the opinion of shadow opposition Peter Garratt but more importantly that of Christine Milne the Greens senator for Tasmania at GetUp.

To quote Christine Milne~~
Mr Turnbull claimed today that this mill would be world's best practice. But how can a mill which will destroy 200,000ha of magnificent forest, 500 times whats being protected, be worlds best practice? How can a mill that pumps effluent, albeit less than it might, into a pristine environment be worlds best practice? How can a mill that adds 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere every year be worlds best practice?

I ask you???

For anyone who's interested in contributing their voice to stopping this outrageousness go to GetUp and please join up and sign the petition!

People power, people ... do it NOW!


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