Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Schapelle Corby wants a baby ... WOT THA!!!

Good grief ... the Daily Telegraph reports that Schapelle Corby, serving 20 years in a Bali jail for being found with a boogie board load of marijuana wants to have a baby ..............WOT???


She's a single woman!

What ... are they going to draw names out of a hat for likely contenders for fatherhood from within the Bali prison system or is her mother or sister going to visit with a turkey baster.

How outrageous ... is an innocent child expected to spend it's life doing her time!!!

If you've read this far then please click on the link below and go to the poll where hopefully people power might prevail on this stupid report ... if it's fact, that is???


Will the next headline be 'immaculate conception in Bali jail' ... spare me!!!


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