Monday, 8 October 2007

Writers Island "RENEWAL."

The passionately written prologue at Writers Island ‘Renewal’ certainly prompted a new interpretation … A time of transition has come. We are passing into another cycle. a prompt that reflects this period of transition. It may appear as a time of change, a new cycle, a second chance, fresh start, rejuvenation… maybe you feel it happening around you… perhaps within you — however you see it or feel it, that’s how you should share it … with an eye to new possibility. It should be very exciting to discover each of our interpretations.

Initially ‘Renewal’ was mundane and seemed to represent the renewal of something old … a licence, an insurance policy, a friendship, a romance. Pondering this new interpretation became enlightening, bursting with all things I adore ... change, new cycle, second chance, fresh start and rejuventaion ... all integral parts of life?

WOW … metamorphosis had been second nature! Renewal had frequently and unknowingly provided opportunities to honestly re-asses, re-think, to realise. After more than a few physical and emotional disasters had commonsense, intuition, or survival, prevailed? Often something kicked in, licences weren’t renewed, friendships either, destructive choices were abolished, blame, trends, traditions and so called passions all got the I'm over it, out the door, NEXT! Life saving transitions were easy and numerous!

Disasters, frequently the fuel for renewals were many too. Two decades ago, after drinking a bottle of Smirnoff on a warm Sunday, spurred on by a claim there were less calories with soda and a slice of lemon, invinciblity kicked in around 2am and while trying to drive home through deserted back streets slamming into fifteen parked cars, not once, but twice! Escaping unscathed provided the jolt that NOT renewing that drivers licence was imperative!

Renewal has rarely been part of my MO. A been there done that attitude, saved the day over and over, always going forward, rarely going back. Moving to another state to escape the old crowd, the old haunts, the party go-ers was another stroke of; was it genius or was my guardian angel giving me a nudge? Expired renewals, long past their use by date were replaced with picking up the threads, revelling in chaos and drama wasn't renewed.

Endless possibilities, endless opportunities lurk, all simply waiting for acknowledgment from within. All it takes is the guts and the gall to be real. Renewal is the honest resonsibility of taking ownership … go for it ... go on I dare you!


Becca said...

Inspiring words~making those big changes does take "guts and gall."
This was a brave post! Thanks for sharing your story.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Absolutely Redness. We do own our lives and are responsible for the renewal of dreams. Kickin' post.



paisley said...

forever in a state of renewal myself... i am in agreement with you on the point that disaster is the best spur to activating ones renewal phases....

Jo said...

ah, Rose nicked my phrase, I was going to say kiss ass post. And so well written too!

gautami tripathy said...

Each day, I reinvent myself. Thus I related to this post.

tumblewords said...

Your post pulled me from pillar to pillar - always upward!

kimberley said...

I like your take on renewal - I think we so often interpret it as something that happens to us from without rather than something we ourselves create and instigate. Good job!

Clare said...

Hi Redness! There's a straightforward passion in this that is really cool. And I like how you say "All it takes is the guts and the gall to be real" -- this rocks!

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