Saturday, 20 October 2007

Moulin Rouge prop - a garage sale find.

The movie Moulin Rouge is on my list of favourites, as are all things French.

At a garage sale today I spied this large, heavy, framed board covered with old French papers. Imagine my surprise when the owner told me it was a prop from the movie Moulin Rouge and I could have it for $5. I couldn't get the cash out fast enough.

OK, all you cynics ... I know it's only a piece of MDF painted to look old, that the majority of the papers are mostly copies, but I adore it ... and look at the white piece in the centre.

It's the "order of acts" performing at the Moulin Rouge in the movie.
Scene 4 : Madmoiselle Satine : the character played by Nicole Kidman ... provenance ?

I adore a little touch of 1890s gay Paree, it's going on a wall here ... if I can find a spot!

Ahhh ... if only the gorgeous Ewan McGregor had been holding the board ... Ooooo La La!


tongue in cheek said...

Moulin Rouge is one of my favorites, I love the dancing scenes and the tango of Roxanne.
Do you know after the film the torn down the elephant!?

Redness said...

Thank You Corey, I agree and I was inspired to seek out the demise of the elephant - here it is, so sad!

paris parfait said...

What a great find! Lucky you!

David Latta said...

Love Moulin Rouge and was lucky enough to bid on some props at Lawsons auction house in Annandale just after filming completed (but before the movie premiered). Picked up a few pieces including a luggage hand cart that I haven't been able to find in the movie. However, also got four iron charcoal burners that appeared in the movie (immediately following the tango sequence, when Christian walks out of the dancehall and across a snow-covered yard). Sold most of the smaller items since on eBay to collectors from around the world. There was also lots of stuff I later regretted not buying including a full costume for a male "absinthe fairy" (companion to Kylie's green fairy??) that I was told was to be played by comedian Austin Tayshus; not sure if this role was filmed.

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