Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Ewan McGregor weekend ...

It's been a Ewan McGregor weekend here after my Moulin Rouge find yesterday.

I found Ewan and Charlie well into their Long Way Round journey on the Lifetsyle channel last night. The episode showed they're over the hump, with only 15 days to go. Ewan was adorable as he pined to see "his Ev and his wee gels" after one hundred days on the road.

They were on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope a couple of weeks ago where viewers led to believe the journey to be a recent venture - it was in 2004. I could feel ripped off, but Ewan's charm, personality, good looks and genuine -osity make it all worth while!

It's a brilliant, gutsy travelogue if your butt can stand it!


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