Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Martha Stewart ... custard powder.

One of the most annoying things about cable TV is the repetition of the shows! However they redeem themselves by repeating Martha Stewart three time a day making it possible to catch the show in serial mode!

I'm flabbergasted having just heard Martha didn't know about custard powder! Delicious Tangerine Pie, baked by Pichet Ong has it in the recipe ... here.

Good grief, Martha do you know what you've been missing???

Custard powder has been the sweet / dessert staple of every Aussie pantry for generations. The instant dessert, a treat for the kids, always there when ice cream ran out or when money was short. When unexpected visitors stayed for dinner, warm custard and tinned peaches was the stand bydessert! What about when we sliced day old sponge dowsed with slurps of cooking sherry, topped with chopped jelly and custard poured over the top - Ohhhhhhhhhh Yummo ... Trifle ... sweet memories!


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