Sunday, 3 February 2008

An APRON challenge from Rice Freeman - Zachary

Searching for a new creative self was part of my resolve for 2008. As part of my quest I bought "Living the Creative Life" by Rice Freeman - Zachary.

As I devoured the book a new creative world emerged. Rice's blog, her Etsy store and Yahoo groups - plus I stumbled upon and rescued her "Wearable Art" book from the shelves of a dingy op shop - synchronicity at its best!!!

Yesterday Rice offered up a give -away, a challenge, an apron that you could have your way with ... I was the winner ...

Here's the apron that will soon be winging it's way to me from Texas ... Yayyyyyy!

From arrival to completion - will all be blogged - I'll keep y'all posted!!! Whooop - deee- dooo!

... and the apron is the right colour too ...


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