Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Break-Up Diet ... On Sale Today ...

Forget chocolate - this great book will take your mind off anything in a gold or silver wrapper ...

The Break-Up Diet: a memoir by Annette Fix goes on sale today!
The Break-Up Diet is the true story of a 30-something single mother/aspiring writer, working as an exotic dancer, searching for Prince Charming and trying to find a perfect balance between her dreams and her day-to-day life as Supermom.

Visit The Break-Up Story Forum
A place where women can go to read and share their break-up and dating stories. Check it out and join the fun!

Annette Fix is the Senior Editor for WOW! Women On Writing, an author and spoken-word storyteller, living in Laguna Niguel, California with her Danish Prince Charming, her aspiring photographer son, and two rescued dogs.


Annette said...


Thanks for supporting my book! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Angela said...

Hi Cherie!

Just stopping by to say Happy Valentines Day! =o)



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