Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A New Girl in the Family ...

... she doesnt have a name yet.

Wandering thru the RSPCA this beautiful girl was spotted. She was only missing two things - an owner and a leg!

It's thought she's a Blue Burmese but could just be a Blue Moggy, who knows or cares. She was in a car accident (she wasnt driving) and the owners surrendered her because they couldnt afford to have her leg fixed.

RSPCA obviously thought she was worth saving so here she is! Awwww....did I also mention she's a bit cross-eyed? Ya gotta love a cat with er...personality.

In only two days, she's moved in, taken over the couch and made her Mummy very happy!


UL said...

oh this is so sweet...what will be the name? Do tell.

The Literary Prostitute said...

What beautiful eyes she has! I'm glad that her owners decided to let someone else take care of her, and let this be a lesson to everyone: never buy a pet when you can't afford its care! You did a great thing by taking her in.

Lucy said...

hey red! thanks for your flattering comment today!
I love this cat! you are a wonderful soul. Have you thought of a name yet? her eyes remind me of streisand... what about Babs? haha :))

sarala said...

My cat looks a lot like her. She had a similar story--her mom was a stray that looked abandoned by her former owner. Mom was rescued but broke out of her new home while in heat and came back with an alley cat. The mother cat had a congenital defect (hernia) and couldn't be "fixed" without great expense. I wondered if mom was a Russian Blue or Burmese.
Here is a link to a shot of my kitty.

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