Monday, 13 February 2006

Artist's Way Week 4 Check In

Ok I'm not going to drag this out but Week 4 has really given
me the irits over the 'Reading Deprivation'! It's offensive,
intrusive and too off the wall. Reading is not a reward, not
therapy, it's pleasure. Like how far were you expected to go?
Like no reading emails, the TV guide, recipes, snail mail, blogs,
bill boards, the back of shopper dockets, love letters, postcards
from friends overseas, did I miss something in the translation?

Like the inference that you could do other things instead of
reading is crap to me. Wash the dog, don't have one and if
I did reading wouldn't stop me. Rewire the lamp, paint the
bedroom, go dancing...........Haaaaaaaaaa!! I could still do all
or any of that and read as well - no not at the same time - at
well spaced intervals of course! Can ya tell I'm Over It??

Why in hell's name deny yourself something that is pleasure,
not bad for you and part of every day life that surely doesn't
impinge on your creative self - well not for me anyway?

So I'm Over week 4 - well and truly.

Nope I still haven't missed a Morning Page. Nope I am not even
thrilled with the tasks this week either and NO there was nothing
significant in my creative recovery .......... NEXT!!


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