Saturday, 4 February 2006

A Tickled Fancy by the Stars.

Here’s some trivia that has really tickled my fancy over the past weeks.

In the GOOD WEEKEND Magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald each Saturday
some character writes the stars. Under the nom of Ptolemy ll this person has caused
me much mirth. Now don’t take this all literally, no I don’t believe in the stars, like a
zillion other people I read them for a laugh …and a laugh it has been … you have two
choices here………read on or mutter I’m Over It…….it’s up to you!

On Saturday January 14 – this is the one that started me laughing.
The thing with Virgos is that they are the biggest freaks of the zodiac. So any Vrogs
tempted to think that recent life triumphs make them somehow superior to others
should take a reality check. Deep down you are riven by the most pathetic fears and
tortured by dark secrets, aren’t you? So remember not to get too up yourself.
Well I laughed and laughed at this one and thought it was excellent blog material.
Having a go at myself, instead of someone else made for a jolly good chortle.
This was the start of the “not being able to access the blog for 15 days time”
Yeah…….you already know about that episode.

The following week - Saturday Jan 21 ……Ptolemy II writes…

With a major project or pressing personal matter looming, you take to
your bed. The lovely thing about just lying there hour after hour with the
doona over you and all phones off is that nobody can disturb you. Bear in
Mind that you will, eventually, have to face your responsibilities. Until then,
turn often to prevent bed sores…………
My recollection for that week was as described. No of course it wasn’t what I’d
read lots of stuff was bugging me, all the major players, stinking hot weather
and you will be too if you think I believed it……stop being so serious!

Last week - January 28 ………. A Doozy!
Australia’s top literary agent calls you and offers a rather large advance
for your memoirs. The offer’s not entirely unexpected – you always knew
you had a pretty good story to tell – but don’t rush into anything. Talk it
over with family before you make your decision.
Haaaaaaaaaa……….Yep I’m writing again as part of The Artist’s Way, journaling
and back blogging….Haaaaaaaa I’m thinking yeah right!!

Well today this Ptolemy had Pet and I in stitches
February 4
When I said last week that Virgos would receive a call from Australia’s top
literary agent, offering a motza for your memoirs, perhaps I over stated the
case. Not every Virgo received that call, in fact, only one of us did. And yes,
it was me. I just thought you might like to share in my joy.
I adore it ……………..Haaaaaaaaaa!


Maureen said...

Love the blog. Us Virgos have to stick together, don't we?!!!

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