Saturday, 11 February 2006

Whether UR or R not for RU486...

Whether you are for it or against it is not the issue as Melody
has reminded me. It's the audacity of the nobs elected to
represent us, the voters, in Parliament that gets under the skin
here. How dare they flaunt their bias, their personal beliefs and
uneducated opinions.

The use of RU486 has been giving a better quality of life to many
people living with cancer. The scandal mongers in the media
have blown the use of this drug into the laps of the right for lifers.
You should see them as they haunt the local residents, jingling their
rosary beads, always standing alone, so they can't be nabbed for
an illegal protest, on one of the main streets of the inner west staring
at the building where supposedly pregnancy terminations are done!
One local resident keeps threatening to turn the garden hose on them
but is more concerned about the waste of H2O during the water
shortage in this fair city!

RU486 is another example of uneducated bureaucracy playing the
parent. Doing the so called keeper of our best interests at heart
routine when their time would be better spent looking at how much
their cronies are spending on OS jaunts ... if only.

You can make a difference - go to Get Up follow the prompts and lets
get Tony Abbott skulking back to the front pew with all the other


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